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Proof of Utah Bio Page

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green Ohio. Music department. Louis Simon and Michael Brosco record a series of albums under the name Proof Of Utah. Utilizing the talents of various friends and music majors on campus, Proof Of Utah created an intriguing new music with an appealing, fresh sound and charming lyrical genius. The jazzy, intrepid arrangements encompass the thoughtful as well as the maniacal aspects of fun, pleasure and knowledge.

Louie:  Mike and I actually met in the fall of 1983 in a Recording Technologies class at the university.  We bought a 4-track and formed a live band called The Invisible Flintstones.  We changed the name after we recorded our first album because we didn't want to seem derivative of someone else's creation (or a mere silly reaction to something silly; but in 1983 the name was ahead of its time, believe it or not).  At an art show on campus we saw a woodcut called A Dog, A Dodo, and a Fool by someone named Steve Ward.  We tracked him down and he joined the band as artist and musician.  At this point Chickenman was already in the band, and our first bass player (when Bosco wasn't playing bass live) was Bob Kowalski.  Bob left so he could spend some more time with his girlfriend.  Then we picked up Bill Rankin when we visited Jamestown, New York, where Bosco had lived a few years earlier. Then we had Ron Wagner play bass for us; then we had Jeff Jacobs; then we had Steve Burton. That's five bass players. Stan George became involved with us early on, too. Steve Hudson also used to play trombone for us (and dress up like a native).

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