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Proof Of Utah on Myspace (maintained by Mike...exclusive tunes and details!)
Signalmen on Myspace
Mike Brosco on Myspace
Louie Simon's home page
Louie Simon on Myspace
Kris Doty (Louie's current band)

Steve Burton on Myspace (Steve played in the live band and recorded several albums with POU)
Lonely Trailer (Mike & Louie produced 3 of their albums)
Sandbox Studios (Scott Sayre; original POU sound man. Scott and Louie also collaborated on POU multimedia presentations used during live shows!)
Tim Story's Myspace page (Louie played on three of his releases)
Jim Donovan Music
Comes With A Smile (Interview with Mike)
Proof of Utah review (Cult of the Week for December 2005!)
Trouser Press review
Cult With No Name
No Man's Land (German site with 2 POU lps for sale)
Musea Records (French site selling POU albums)
Stephen de la Vega's Myspace (Mike produced, co-wrote and played on the 4 selections, Steve Burton, and Brian Reedy also contributed).

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