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Proof of Utah Discography: IT DOESN'T MATTER MUCH

"A group that doesn't let you down. This is their second record, and the first in November of last year (such a short time ago it seems) was an eye opener. Better than the White Animals and Blotto combined this independent, idiosyncratic band is absolutely one of the major waves of the future. Sort of a left turn from where the Talking Heads are at. Their playing is seamless, as Stan George's sax solo on "Illfated Courtesia" will demonstrate, and their songs are devilish: "That's What I Like to Do" makes manic depression seem almost fun. Why do I rave so? Because coupe like this one (and this may be the only one) have so absorbed the history of rock that Listening to them constitutes an instant telepathic link with everything that's happened musically since 1963. They are not recidivists, but synthesizers of culture. Any group that can stretch from Zappa to Paul revere, with stops at The Residents and the Beatles, and make you believe it, is a candidate for musical immortality. Underestimate them at your peril." -The Fortnightly College Radio Report

 "Here's an off the wall surprise. This is an lp of skewed pop songs, expertly played and amazingly well recorded, that neither fall into any neat categories nor retread any pop cliches. There are several catchy (if fragmented) melodies, witty lyrics, and an impossible set of influences--none of which is readily obvious. Title cut is sort of a lounge jazz parody (sort of. Elsewhere I hear snatches of things that bring to mind more experimental rock of a broad pop bent (and I mean bent): Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Devo. I hesitate to pin this down beyond an advisory that it's lightweight in a fun and positive sense, with decent rock guitar melodies and keyboard fills, tight drumming and an overall catchiness. And "Pronto Bill Goes to War" is worth the price of the whole lp, displaying the hand's best ideas to great advantage." -OPTION

 "This is warm, funny, catchy, funky music from BGSU, Bowling Green,Ill. I wanted to make some crack about the Residents (bizarre lyrics, weird singing, bops and blimps of radio sounds intermingling with squawks of hornfarts, etc.) but the record is so darn rhythmic and danceable that the comparisons won't stick Truly in a category of it's own, though influenced to a degree by the mindbending extremists of the New Wave. Certain styles are flirted with, including gauge, jazz, and progressive rock; but these an only brief moments or impressions within tunes. In fact, forget everything I just sail This is traditional American music, lotsa bases touched but never stylized to the extent that pigeonholing is requires Skewers for sure; nobody said it had to ignore modern psychoses. For expunks, lapsed hippies, and aging beatniks." -SoundChoice

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